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SouthPaw Toygers  Cattery

     Regina Wiley

SouthPaw Toygers is a small family home/hobby based TICA certified and registered Cattery (#30085) in Selma, North Carolina.

I have lived in North Carolina all my life and have always had a great love for cats and kittens.

"SouthPaw Cattery's main focus & goal is to breed Toygers with these key elements in mind: safety, good health, great personalities, wonderful temperaments & genuine quality"

Certified & Registered TICA Breeder Member

I also have a great love for Tigers. I am sad to know they are becoming extinct. I contribute to the Tiger Rescue in the Carolina's on a frequent basis to help those Tigers the best I can.

One day in 2014, I googled what is the closest Cat to a Tiger and Toygers (Toy Tiger) came up I just fell in LOVE with them immediately. With further research, I contacted several Toyger breeders however, there were no breeders in the South. I was placed on a list for a female Toyger kitten as a pet.

Eight months later, I received a beautiful female kitten and named her Tigerina. I fell in love with her. She is very intelligent, beautiful, very vocal and my best friend. I then decided I wanted a house full of Toygers and that we needed more of these in the Southeast Region.


So, my Toyger journey began…




I decided to breed these wonderful, intelligent, and beautiful cats.

I was able to get my first breed/show quality male and female.  SouthPaw has now added more breeding males and females and am successfully producing little Toygers in the Southeast Region. SouthPaw's cats and kittens are raised in a small family home setting and equipped with heat and air, tv's, water fountains and eat only high quality wet and dry foods. All kittens have daily hands on and interaction with me and are loved dearly, considered and treated as family members.  They have a Catio, and windows to view  birds and feeders.

Tigerina IMG 8808.jpg


This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

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