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Amos and Wash

We must express our sincere thanks to Regina of Southpaw Toygers for her attentive and professional service as a Toyger cat breeder. My husband and I had been fascinated with the idea of having a Toyger for years. Our research led us to Southpaw Toygers. We were very impressed by Regina’s attention to detail, background verifications, and thorough answers for all our questions. She kept us informed on kitten progress – including photos both by text and email – throughout development and growth.


Originally, we were not planning to get two Toygers, and thought that our second cat would be a rescue like we had done in the past.  However, fate had a different idea.  When we arrived, a brother to our selected kitten had become available. We just fell in love with both of them at first sight and knew they had to come home with us together.

Bringing home two brothers from Southpaw Toygers was the best decision we have ever made. The way that Regina and Lightning (mama kitty) raised them in a living room environment with lots of love really comes through. Both kittens know what a scratching post is, and have never attempted to scratch on any of our furniture. Weekly claw trimmings are a joy since they both just want to cuddle during that time and do not mind getting clipped. They keep each other company and give each other confidence in new situations. Watching them play together has been heartwarming.

I have had cats my entire life and these are by far the most social, cuddly, and well-behaved kittens I have ever known.

I would highly recommend getting your Toyger from Southpaw Toygers. These few months have been a blessing with our beloved new Amos and Wash and we look forward to many more years with our family!



Winter Garden, FL



If I was to recommend any cattery to someone, it would be SouthPaw Toygers.  Apollo came into a previously one cat household, but he immediately carved out his place in this family. He is so affectionate and playful with my other cat and loves to lay down and nuzzle up against me or run around while I throw toys.


Regina does breed absolutely stunning Toygers, but more importantly she raises them in a great environment which molds their personalities into lovable little fur balls. The second I walked into the room, all of the kittens and even the mom ran up to me, wanting to get to know me and let me pet them. On top of this, during the three months of waiting to pick up my little guy, Regina was extremely communicative with any questions I had or updates she had, including many pictures throughout the kitten hood of Apollo, so it’s like I never missed any part of his life since birth!  I can’t stress enough how much effort Regina puts into this stuff and it truly shows.


Anthony Buschiazzo  

Baldwinsville, NY


This kitten  has come to me at the right time.  She is sweet and sociable.  She is energetic and still loves to be held and cuddle.  She gets along well with my older cat.  I couldn't be happier with her. 


My experience with SouthPaw Toygers has been very positive.  Regina worked with me to pick a kitten that is right for me.  She has her cats comfortably housed and loved.  I would recommend this cattery to anyone who wants a loving pet.


Ruth Meadows  

Raleigh, NC

Ruth Meadows_Pic1_Kitten no name yet_20220725_173927_edited.jpg
Ruth Meadows_Pic2_Kitten no name yet_20220725_173927_edited.jpg


“Meet Hannah Olivia, born 2/7/2022!  She is afraid of nothing, loves everyone and brings so much joy to her mama and daddy!  I cannot thank Regina enough for loving her and socializing her in her first weeks!! I know this made her the cuddly baby she is!!  The adjustment was seamless, and she loves her 5 siblings!  We cannot recommend SouthPaw Toygers Cattery enough!! Both the parents and babies are loved, healthy and well cared for in a pristine environment.  Choose a SouthPaw Toyger… you will not be disappointed!! ❤️”


Wendy Martin 

N. Chesterfield, VA

Daniel_2 went to Durham NC.jpg


Daniel Tornado (named after his parents) has stormed our house with personality! We are all very much in love with his bold, brave, curious, and affectionate personality. His energy is uncontainable and infectious and he is always amusing us. He has his own toy box and chooses his toys and even plays fetch with us. In the picture below is Daniel’a position in front of my computer letting me know I’m ignoring him so he’s not going to let me work until I give him attention.


We were excited about the process but had never worked with a breeder before and didn’t know what to expect. Regina is extremely thorough and on top of things. She is very particular about the details and follows the breed standard. You really are getting a beautiful and well tempered kitty. I was impressed when I went to pick up Daniel. These kittens are so well cared for! I echo the other reviews I read about the advice on the wet food. I went in prepared to have my vet suggest dry food only to find out that she wishes all her cat owners had their kitties were on wet food predominantly due to urinary tract issues. It was a big eye opener for me and I also adjusted and added additional water bowls through the house.


Thank you Regina and Southpaw for our newest furbaby and for the great experience!


Jeff and Angela Denhard

Durham, NC

Daniel_1 went to Durham NC.jpg


SouthPaw Toygers is such a wonderful breeder.  Regina produces the most beautiful Toyger kittens and I feel like she suggested the most gorgeous one just for me.  My kitten is happy and healthy and I feel like I got a very special little girl.  I would recommend her for the best Toygers!


Amy Bellezza

Portland, ME



I would like to say that my experience with Regina was great. She is very knowledgeable about these Toygers in every way and sent us home with suggestions on how to introduce our new baby into her new surroundings. The set up at the cattery is very spacious for the Toygers to roam around in with plenty of toys and entertainment for the cats. Regina keeps in touch with us and really cares about these cats. Our Rena girl is everything and more that a Toyger should be!


Vicky and Jack Sweeney 

Wolcott, CT

Rena went to CT_IMG_4189_edited.jpg

Ellie Mae

Ellie is hanging out with Kiwi and Ralphie.

We have had many cats throughout the years, but this one is one of the best.  Besides being beautiful, she's very smart and exceptionally loving.


Brad Berger

Loudon, TN

Ellie Mae_2_went to Loudon TN_20220519_174028.JPG
Ellie Mae_went to Loudon TN_20220519_174028.jpg

Harley Quinn

We are so happy to welcome Harley Quinn to our family.


Regina at the South Paw Cattery was a pleasure to work with. She was informative through every step of the process and kept us up to date with details and pictures on a regular basis.


Harley is a beautiful cat with all of the distinct colors and markings that we were looking for in a Toyger Cat.


When we arrived for the pickup and met Regina in person it was evident that she is a caring and professional breeder. We would highly recommend Regina and the South Paw Cattery to anyone looking to add a Toyger Cat to their family. 


Ray & Kathleen Davis 

Jacksonville, FL

Harley Quinn_1.JPG
Harley Quinn_2.JPG

Lou Lou is our second Toyger from Regina and he is just as sweet as the first. When we got him home there was some hissing and growling going on with the other cats. In less than two weeks he charmed everyone and now they are all playing harmoniously. Toyger's are a wonderful breed. They love to be with people and are very vocal in the nicest way. Regina’s cattery is a beautiful home environment, and she cares deeply for each kitten. I know the good start these kittens have result in calm sweet personalities. This shows in both my Toygers' and Regina is the only breeder I would choose.


John Blanken

Scituate, MA

Lou Lou_edited.jpg
Lou Lou_1_edited.jpg



Toygers are a wonderful breed of cat and Regina gives them a perfect setting to spend the first 10 weeks of life. Seeing the nursery and meeting the other cats at Southpaw was a pleasure and I knew my kitten was coming from a loving home. Choupette ( “sweetie” in French) is smart, friendly and beautiful. Regina gave us some great information about acclimating him into our home with the other cats and for his care. He is getting very settled now and is so playful!, Regina is a great find for anyone wanting a Toyger!”



Update 1/2020:  "I don't think I have ever met a cat with his type of personality - he is really wonderful!"

Choupette 10_10_2020.JPG


Griffin is doing great, has acclimated extremely well, the interaction between him and Beanie (our older cat) has been wonderful. Could not have asked for a better kitten, his character is very unique, love his demeanor, the way he has bonded to us is very special. He is growing fast, is developing some nice muscles, his leaping ability is amazing.

Jeff Clapper


We are so in love with little Griffin!  He is turning out to be a gorgeous cat with his own special personality!  He is growing right before our eyes – seems a little bigger every day.  He LOVES to play.  He gets along well with Beanie, and sometimes Meowy, but no fights yet between them.  Jeff bought him one of those cat towers with places to sleep and climb and he just loves it – is always running and jumping on it – keeps us entertained!  We are grateful to you for our beautiful kitten – we are very happy with him! Jeff bought him one of those cat towers with places to sleep and climb and he just loves it – is always running and jumping on it – keeps us entertained!  We are grateful to you for our beautiful kitten – we are very happy with him!


Susie Clapper 

Parma, OH

Griffin 2.jpg



George is a great fit with us and we love him! He is absolutely gorgeous and his personality is hilarious.


You were a joy to work with and made the process of adding a member to our family go smoothly. I loved the weekly pictures and seeing all the kittens grow and having you answer all our questions. I was worried about the air travel and kitten pick up but you made that very easy also. You have a family approach that gives the kittens such a great start and they have wonderful personalities as a result.


Corrine Carter

Trenton, MI

George 1.jpg



Joey has more than acclimated. He’s definitely made himself a part of the family and we love him. We nicknamed him Thundercat because he’s always into something.




Miriam Pope

Carrollton, GA



First and foremost, to catch everyone's attention, my veterinarian who's been voted#1 in Asheville a couple of times now, said the ratio between wet and dry foods is spot on... especially where males are concerned to avoid any possible urinary tract issues down the road. He's more concerned about that than tarter on the teeth when using dry as the primary source (vs. wet as the primary source). He is very impressed with Regina! 


My sincere high praise and recommendations to Regina and SouthPaw Toygers Cattery.

Hemsworth is so very affectionate, kissing and purring all the time and wants to keep me in sight at all times. Enjoys snuggling in for the night. He is actually my Australian Shepherd's (Roxy) Christmas gift who's been lonely since our Persian passed away from natural causes. They are already best of friends! 

Trust me when I say the Toyger is everything they say they are and so much more!



Barb Tibbetts

Asheville, NC

Hemsworth1_3559 (2)_edited.jpg


"Nacho is doing great, adjusted to the kids and dogs so well! 


Nacho is our first family cat and boy is he darling! Regina was extremely committed to proving the best service from taking care of him to keeping us updated throughout the whole process. Her love for these animals is infectious and we are so glad to have worked with her. 


Nacho is settled here in Charlotte, NC and loves to play with our two dogs and is so gentle around our 4 and 2 year old children. He enjoys to be snuggled up to us right after a big meal and we love the cuddles. 


I highly recommend Regina, her Cattery and thus breed of cat to everyone!"



Alyssa Daniels

Charlotte, NC


Nacho 1.jpg


Soma has been amazing. She has such a big personality and loves her cuddles about as much as she loves her bottle caps. Thank you Regina and Toygers!  We’re so glad that she’s a part of our family!




Marta and Mike

Perrysburgh, OH



"Mellow is so sweet, playful and active. She has gotten along very well and quickly with our cat boy and they love each other! She is growing well and healthy and her fur is becoming more colorful. We are very happy with her. 



Thank you!

Fabricio Yerovi

Woodbridge, VA


Mellow 1.jpg
Mellow 2.jpg


"Our little Tiger has brought us so much joy since we brought her to her new home in Montana a few weeks ago! She is so sweet and playful…and she absolutely loves her one-year-old big sister/cat, Nellie. They play together constantly until they get completely exhausted and then they curl up together for frequent cat naps!! Regina and Guy were delightful to work with; they kept us updated weekly with information and photos. It was so nice to finally meet them and see the cattery, which is spacious and spotless. It was so heartwarming to see how much they love what they do and how attached they get to the kittens. Regina had such a hard time saying goodbye to Tiger and checked on her frequently the first few days to make sure she was adjusting well. The experience with them could not have gone more smoothly and we are so happy with our newest family member."


Delia & Roy Campfield

Missoula, Montana

Tiger 2 Missoula Montana.jpg
Tiger 1 Missoula Montana.jpg


"Savanna has been such a wonderful addition to our Valdosta, GA home.  She arrived just a month ago, on July 16, 2021.  Regina was nothing but wonderful to deal with during our search for a new kitten.  We were unfamiliar with Toygers, but were very interested in this unique breed, based upon our research.  We had many questions over several months and Regina took the time to entertain all my phone and email inquiries.  Savanna is everything and more than we could have expected.  She is strikingly beautiful as you can see, with perfect markings and coat!  Her personality is inquisitive, loving, and of course she has boundless energy.  She is a great companion to our nine-month-old Abyssinian, Sebastian."


Page Fletcher & Henry Powell

Valdosta, GA

Savanna2 Valdosta VA_edited.jpg
Savanna1 Valdosta VA_edited.jpg



"I saw on social media the Toyger breed and immediately started asking questions. Fell in love with the breed started researching legitimate breeders because a lot of folks were getting scammed sending monies and never getting a kitten. 


Researched and found a registered breeder in NC April 2021 while vacationing in SC. Was skeptical at first but sent my deposit to be put on a waiting list, immediately received a receipt from Regina. Figuring I would have to wait till 2022, surprisingly received a call in May 2021 asking if I was still interested in receiving one or going back on list.


Jumped on my opportunity and since that day I received weekly pictures and updates. 

On July 24th was able to travel 10 hrs. to pick up my kitten. Regina’s Cattery is very clean and well kept.

Her adult cats are well cared for and happy. Named our girl "Tsunami"

She is well socialized, litter trained, and eating well thanks to Regina. We have not had any difficulty at all with Tsunami.  Would recommend this fantastic breeder to anyone who wants a beautiful healthy registered kitten. She and her kittens are amazing."



Lisa Underwood

Pittsburg, PA

Tsunami_1 Pittsburg PA_edited.jpg
Tsunami_2 Pittsburg PA_edited.jpg


"Southpaw Cattery treats their cats and customers with the utmost care. From the beginning, they were helpful, responsive, and great to work with. If you're looking for an amazing Toyger kitten, Southpaw is the place to go!!"




Justin Fontaine

Reston, VA

Doja - Reston VA_edited.jpg


"I have had Rajah 2 weeks now and he has acclimated extremely well and all I can attribute that to is Regina doing an excellent job Socializing him. Regina was wonderful to work with and you can tell she loves her cats and Kittens. She kept me updated every week. Her Cattery was very clean and spacious. This kitten (Rajah) is so playful and very loving. He loves to cuddle and play with his toys! Last and by far not least he and my older cat were playing together and sleeping on the cat tree together within 4 days!! This has been the easiest transition ever! I highly recommend Regina and her Cattery!"



Bobbi Crawford

Chester, SC




"We absolutely love our Luciana. From the first time I messaged with Regina, we knew we were going to receive a beautiful, friendly kitten who was born and raised in a loving home. She sent pictures each week so we could watch our new baby grow until she could come to her forever home. We had the best experience with Regina and would definitely call her if we were to add another one of her babies to our home or refer her to someone wanting a beautiful, friendly Toyger. Thank you so much! "



The Abruscato Family

Parrish, FL




"Jasper is the absolute sweetest kitten!  He was checked by our vet and 100% healthy when we received him.  He is full of personality and greets everyone with love!  He gets so exited to explore the house.  There isn’t a corner he hasn’t made his way to 😊!  At night he jumps in the bed and curls up to us like a dog and lays there all night.  One of the best decisions we ever made.  Thank you for letting us give Jasper a loving home."



Ryan & Dyllan

Simpsonville, SC

Jasper - charcoal kitty.jpg



"I am a new owner of a beautiful healthy Toyger courtesy of Southpaw Toyger Cattery.  Regina was so helpful in acquiring my first cat.  I named her "Chance".  She has a sweet and loving personality because Regina is the same way.  The love and passion Regina has as a breeder transmits into her cats and would recommend her to anyone looking for a Toyger.  Very convenient that she is located in North Carolina servicing all of South East United States.  Thanks again for the happiness and joy you brought into my life."



Arvin Olfato

Virginia Beach, VA

Tiger King_update 11_11_2020.jpg

Update: Chance is doing great!  11/2020


"Tiger is the sweetest cat. He has brought so much joy into our lives."



Rodrigo DaSilva

Miami, FL

Tiger_2 - Miami FL.JPG
Tiger_1 - Miami FL.JPG

Quasar & Andromeda 

"What started as nervous shyness, quickly grew into respect and curiosity, then with high energy play. The sister and brother are claiming us as their own with rubbing, deep purring, happy meows, nose kisses and lap naps.   Thank You for these Natural Beauties !"

Update: 12/2021

Thank You So Very Much for Your Amazing Hard Work with Growing Our Kitties.


Everyday after We Received the Kittens; when I am Feeding them, Touching them, Playing with them, I am Constantly Thinking about You and Guy for Your Wonderful Care.


I Understand How Hard It Was for You to Bring these Beautiful Creatures to Life Giving Them the Best Care than Make the Sacrifice to Let Them Go.


I am so grateful to Guy for His Willingness to Place these Little Souls In Our Hands.


We are Very Happy with Your Cattery and Will Recommend to All Whom Ask.




God Bless You,

Douglas & Olga White

Westbrook, ME


Brother and Sister June 2020.jpg
Quaser and Andromeda.JPG


“I absolutely adore Monty- he's playful, smart, cuddly, curious, and such a looker!  Best of all, I had no trouble integrating him with my 3 other cats.  With his sweet personality, he gets along with everyone!  Regina is a dream to work with and made the entire process so easy for me.  After visiting her extremely clean and well set up Cattery, I had no doubt that she loves every kitten, takes amazing care of them, and works hard to place them in good homes.  She sent me regular updates, pictures, and videos of my kitten right up until I could pick him up.  I could not be happier with Regina, Southpaw Cattery, and my Monty!" 




Megan Appleby

Lyman, South Carolina

Monty pic 2.JPG
Monty 1.JPG


“I fell in love with Tilly the moment Regina sent me her picture.  The timing was perfect, and I was so excited to get my kitten on January 23rd.  Regina was so helpful providing all kinds of beneficial information and sending me photos almost weekly.  Due to unforeseen medical issues I had to cancel my flight and thought I would have to give up Tilly.  But Regina and her wonderful husband Guy and myself worked out an agreement and Guy delivered her to me from North Carolina to Texas!  Just look at that gorgeous, sweet girl.  I would suggest anyone that wants a Toyger to work with Regina and Southpaws Cattery.  She turned a difficult situation into a wonderful experience, and I am now the happy owner of Tilly."



Pam Crandall

Malcolm City, Texas 

Update: Dec. 2020

"Tilly, is having an awfully good life.  She travels around the world in an RV."



“We choose SouthPaw Toygers Cattery over the other breeders because Regina is very kind. There are not enough fantastic breeders like you. You are truly a rare gem!"

"She gives her kittens the most nurturing and loving care.  She was also very helpful and patient addressing all of our concerns.  Our new Toyger kitten Noah, loves to cuddle, play and give kisses. His beauty is captivating. He is fearless like a real tiger and very outgoing.

Thank you for all you do,



Israel and Caren Nieves.

Oswego, IL


Noah Update April 2021
"He's So Perfect!"

NOAH 10_10_20.JPG

Noah - Update Oct 2020


"I discovered the Toyger breed of cats fairly recently, when I purchased a Time magazine on cats.  I was instantly enthralled with them, and when I googled breeders I was shocked to find one near me in North Carolina!!!  So my husband and I made arrangements to go and visit the cattery.  

Regina was very receptive and professional in sharing information on the cats and the breed.  My husband and I left a deposit for a kitten on our first visit to the cattery.  We now have that kitten, and he is just wonderful!!!  Regina was very professional in all of our dealings with her, and was concerned about the kitten’s well being after he left the cattery with us as well!  We couldn’t be happier with our Toyger, and with Regina and Southpaw Toygers as well!"


John and Christie Snyder

Salem, NC

Stormy 2.JPG

Update: 11/2020

"He's doing great!"

Lexi & Ziggy

"Lexi is so beautiful and adorable. She has already adjusted quite well. We love her very much. Thank you again for everything!"

Update 10/2020

"Regina is the absolute best. We have 2 cats from SouthPaw and are so in love with both of them, our little Lexi and Ziggy. Regina really goes the extra mile to make the process easy and so truly loves all of her kittens. We can not recommend them enough."



Haig and Ashley Dodakian

Monroe, CT

Lexi and Ziggy_2 10_10_2020 (2).JPG
Lexi and Ziggy 10_10_2020.JPG


"I'm so glad we found Regina and SouthPaw Toygers Cattery.

Communication has been wonderful throughout this adventure and was given lots of information and tips on how to care for our Mahli and make the transition easier.

When meeting Regina and her fur-family in person, I was super impressed about the cleanliness, love and care that goes into housing her fur-family and making sure they are happy and comfortable.

All of the cats are absolutely gorgeous, sweet, gentle with loving personalities.

Mahli loves cuddling and being held, is so sweet and loving but she's also feisty and full of spunk.

I know we will be very happy together."

Anja Klaus-Harvel

Lenoir City, TN

Mahli 1.jpg

Mahli - Update Oct 2020


"Working with Regina at SouthPaw Toygers was a great experience. The transaction was handled very professionally, and we were provided with all the information we needed to care for our new little girl.  We loved seeing the "Catio" and meeting Thunder and Sunshine.  AnnaKat is a healthy, playful, and well-adjusted kitten.  I could not be more happy with the entire process.  If I had the ability, I would fill my house with SouthPaw Toygers."

"When I began to research Toygers and I found SouthPaw Toygers I fell in love with Thunder. He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen and I am so proud to have one of his kittens. AnnaKat has a great personality. She is stubborn, feisty, playful, interested in everything, and very loving. She has brought much joy to our home."


Thank you, Regina, for our sweet lil AnnaKat!

Tammy and Jesse Campbell 
Goose Creek, SC

Annakat _edited_edited.jpg


"Thanks for such an amazing kitten"

Update 4/2021  "Duke has grown up into such a fantastic, affectionate cat! He acts as big brother to our 1 year old daughter and loves to be in the action with us." 


"When it was time to add a new cat to our family, of course we called Regina again. Regina is a pleasure to work with and very organized, sending weekly photos and updates. It is easy to see how much she loves her Toygers and what great care she gives them." 


"Reggie is inquisitive and sweet kitten with a lawn mower purr. He loves to jump and climb in his tower and finds our laps for naps. He bonded quickly with his big brother Reggie and we couldn’t be more pleased with our Southpaw Toygers!" 


Will & Johanna

Mill Valley, CA



"Nado is really loving his new home."


Caitlin & Jason Garstka

Naperville, IL

Nado 3.jpg

Nado - Update Oct 2020

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